Manto Negro Copper Project


  • Sedimentary stratabound oxidized and reduced “Red Bed type” copper deposits
  • Analogous to the Zambian and DRC Copper Belt
  • Hosted by Cretaceous carbonates and sandstones
  • Lensoid mineralized Mantos from 1.5m to over 23m thick
  • Mantos: average 0.73% to 5.5% Cu
  • Significant strike length on surface over multiple kilometers
  • Pipes and veins of richer Cu-Ag sulphide mineralization outcropping at various locations.
  • NI 43-101 Technical Report
Rich copper mineralization from Ojitos Manto Cuprite (black) Malachite (green)
Rich copper mineralization from Ojitos Manto Cuprite (black) Malachite (green)
The San Antonio Manto Average: Cu 1.14% Ag 6 g/t
Buena Suerte Copper Silver Manto Mineralized boulders in the talus
Buena Suerte Copper Silver Manto Mineralized boulders in the talus
Close-up view of part of the Manto Negro
Chrysocolla-rich sandstone

Manto Negro – Location


  • NE Mexico
  • Coahuila State
  • Chihuahuan Desert
  • Cuatro Ciénegas Area
  • Easy road access
  • Established infrastructure
  • Located proximal to mid-size cities with excellent access to skilled mining labour

Manto Negro – Geology


  • Manto Negro is a sediment-hosted stratiform copper-silver-lead-zinc deposit. Mineralization is associated with the contact of the clastic (redbeds) of the San Marcos formation and the overlying limestone of the Cupido formation indicative of a sediment-hosted stratiform copper-silver-lead-zinc deposit of the Kuperschiefer-type (red-bed type).
  • Exposed rocks in the Manto Negro area are Lower Cretaceous clastic and carbonate rocks with a few scattered exposures of Permian granitic and Tertiary andesitic intrusive rocks.
  • Within the Manto Negro area such lateral potential is indicated by mines and prospects along the contact of the San Marcos – Cupido formations for 40 to 50 kilometers.
  • Thickness is variable in this type of deposit. The Pilar Grande Mine (Don Indio concession) (Stratabound:1998) found copper-silver mineralization over a 23m thick stratigraphic interval; at El Granizo estimated copper mineralization was over a thickness of 10m.
  • Deposit examples include Spar Lake (Troy), Rock Creek and Montanore (Montana, USA), White Pine (Michigan, USA), Creta (Oklahoma, USA), Zambia-Zaire copper belt (Zaire), and Kupferschiefer district (Germany and Poland).
Copper and Chalcocite Pilar Grande Level 3

Current Fieldwork


  • 30Km of Roads
  • 7,000 Hectares of Geological Mapping
  • 449 Channel Samples
  • 266 Analytical Sample Results
  • 138 Systematically Sampled Trenches
  • 35 Drill Holes
7.5 Km of Trench in Manto Zone


Northern Property


Middle Property – Don Indio Claim

5 km long section n25°E Don Indio Claim


Pilar Grande Mine

Silver-copper mineralization in a 23 meter (75’) thick stratigraphic interval comprising the lowermost 10 meters of the “Cupido” limestone unit (Levels 1 and 2) and the uppermost 13 meters of the underlying red bed sandstone sequence (Levels 3 and 4). The workings extend for 240 meters along strike and 80 meters down dip, grades up to 5.86 % Cu / 901 g/t Ag. Average 2.5% Cu and 118 g/t Ag. Current 1000 metres underground developement

La Abandonada Mine

Mineralization sampled at surface within a 200 x 10 meter area with grades of 1.5% copper and 42 g/t silver. Open in both strike directions.


Feeder 35% Cu 1.2kg/Ton Ag


Manto Negro South

  • Over a 9km strike length
  • 10 New Copper Prospects
  • 3 Target Zones

Buena Suerte Zone
300m x 6 Manto Wide

El Granizo Zone
8m thick Manto, Avg. 1.5% Cu

Outcrop Manto La Curva Zone
5m wide


Manto Negro Copper Project


  • Mantos average range 0.73% to >5.5%
  • Higher grade Mantos areas of 6% to 8%
  • Feeder zones of up to 33%
  • High silver lead zinc credits
  • Expect resource grades at 1.5% – 2% range
  • Just under 18,000 hectares
  • 50 km in length
  • Over 35 showings
  • 1.7 to 23m in thickness
  • Similar to Zambian and DRC copper deposits
  • Oxide deposit amenable to leaching
  • Good metallurgical recovery of 93% with low acid input
100% Owned │ District Scale │ No Royalties

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